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Enda en masseskyter med Autisme/Asperger, er folk på spektrumet mer voldlige enn andre?

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from the book “Autism as context blindness” author: Peter Vermeulen
If you want to read this book, its on amazon and Peter Vermeulen is on twitter and youtube.

quote from page 21:
“I argue that people with autism do have a theory of mind but that their social cognitive abilities are not activated by the more basic subcognitive processes that activate them in people without autism”

page 318:
“Context blindness is a deficit in the ability to use context spontaneously and subconsciously to determine meanings”

page 334-335:
“However, there does seem to be a positive correlation between context sensitivity and age in people with autism. Context sensitivity seems to improve with age, but it remains unclear to what extent there is improvement and whether there is a difference compared to the progress made in neutotypical development.”

page 360:
“But the news is not all bad. The result is what counts; not the method used the get there. So here comes the good news. Various studies have shown that people with autism can, to a certain degree, take context into consideration, especially when you push their context button. They still do not do it spontaneously, but the end result appears to be fairly good – in these studies the individuals with autism performed as well as those without autism.”

People with asperger struggle with something called “executive function”, maybe not every aspect of this but at least some. They need professional help to create more connections in the brain… from the wikipedia article about neuroplasticity: “Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity or neural plasticity, is an umbrella term that describes lasting change to the brain throughout an individual’s life course”

Applied Behavioral Analysts (ABA) enthusiasts have been trying to get rid of Autism by rewiring the brain since the mid 1960’s. In some cases they have been successful and at least alleviated the symptoms.

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det finnes folk som hater mennesker som har asperger. Alle burde se denne youtube videoen som handler om at hat er et tegn på at det er noe som mangler i den som hater!!


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