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Persistant Herpes Outbreak / need some help.

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Hello, Jeg må skriver på Englesk. Jeg er ikke så flink og forklare dette problemer jeg har på Norsk. Håper det er greit. I was diagnosed with genital herpes fifteen years ago. In the beginning phase I had small nearly unnoticeable outbreaks on my virginal lip area out side on my right side. This went on for about eight years. I would take the valtrax tablets for five days and than it was gone. I would have very few outbreaks. Very little pain. But all of a sudden seven years later the location of my outbreak moved first to my right buttock where I had a rash outbreak and tingling and than it moved to inside of my cervix always on the right side. There it has persisted for the past five years. I have had one to two outbreaks a month in my cervix area. I cannot see it because it is too deep inside me. It is very painful. I have two types of outbreaks. The first one I will have every month and it lasts two weeks in the month within my cervix on my right side. It is very painful and I cannot have sex. Than.. The first kind of outbreak is more severe in that the pain is more concentrated inside my cervix always on the right side. I always get a sign that I am about to have with a small tingle down the back side of my right leg. It lasts two weeks and is always very painful. It make it very hard to me to work and concentrate. The second feeling takes over after two weeks with many time of tingling always in my right leg and then a kind of cramping around my right ovaries in side area and thigh and pain shooting down into my foot. When I walk I received pain in the heel of my foot up the back of my leg. I have constant pain and I take aspirin and pain killers.But it is not as concentrated in my cervix – it goes through my leg and overies more and makes me very tired. I always get a headake With both these outbreaks I cannot have sex since I have constant pain there all the time Evan if I do not have a full outbreak. I just cannot stay on that medication for too long since I am worried of the side effects over a period of time. I have been to a specialist in Norway and several doctors and I have had blood test to see if I have something else wrong. But they can not find anything wrong with me accept the herpes virus. They have not been able to help me at all and cannot give me any more advice. I have been given as much valtrex as I need. My doctors tell me to take whatever feels right. I have been experimenting with my dosages trying to see if I take 1000mg twice a day for 10 days if it helps or 500mg 2x a day for several years. But nothing seems to get the pain completely away. So I live with this pain that no one can understand. I would like to know if I take a lot of valtrex a day if that would help. Let’s say 1000mg x 2 or 3. If I am hurting my body over a long period of time. I have tried suppressive therapy but it doesn't help much. I would like to know why I have this so badly all the time. I do not read anywhere about the kind of pain I have except in one book I bought “Managing Herpes” Where they called some Post – Herpetic Neuralgia. If this is what I have. Have I damaged nerves that will never repair? How can I treat this? I really need some professional advice. Thank you so much if you can help.

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